Genetics and herbal medicine: herbal medicine exerting effect at the level of genetic expression and how this will support, expand and challenge our use of herbal medicine in clinical practice


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The presentation would include how the emerging technology of DNA profiling will give the herbal industry and practitioner's insight into an aspect of how herbal medicine is exerting its effect/s and may explain the synergistic activity of herbal combinations. A review of the research focusing on the ability of herbs to impact on genetic expression and/or protein activity will be included. Specific genes and herbals will be presented. How identification of genetic polymorphisms will enable targeted treatment and will support liquid prescirbing and personalised formulating. Understanding the ability of herbs to impact at a genetic level will give insight into mechanism of activity which will expand clinical application and prescribing rationale but it will also challenge some of our traditional prescribing. How well equipped is our industry to utilise this new technology and the importance of becoming proficient with this new technology. The importance of directing herbal research to the field of genetic and proteomics (genetic expression).

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