Scientific validation for an ancient panacea, Panax ginseng: reflecting tradition and research into clinical practice


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Panax is considered the most precious and renowned tonic drug in Traditional Chinese medicine. Its use was first recorded in the Chinese materia medica over 2000 years ago and is now considered the most widely used herbal product throughout the world. Over the centuries the popularity of Panax has given rise to demand and the subsequent substitution and variations in extraction techniques which has had ramifications for clinical outcomes. Misinterpretation of this herbs attributes has steered many western herbalists away from its use, thinking it too hot or too stimulating. However clinical experience proves otherwise. Furthermore in recent decades science has explored and validated the full potential for Panax reinforsing its action as an adaptogen that has a broad range of applications across genders, age groups and medical complaints. We're not all athletes, but a lot of people need performance enhancement to help juggle their busy lives. The rationale for the use of Panax in improved endurance in everyday life; recovering from surgery and cancer treatments; the management of chronic fatigue syndrome with poor immune response; and during menopausal transition will be the focus of this talk. Michelle will present three cases which illustrate the value of Panax in these areas and provide you with ample information on the dos and don'ts in clinical practice and the research that confirms this herb to be the 'Lord of herbs'.

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