The alchemy of herbal medicine: spagyric tinctures and elixirs


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A brief introduction to the history behind, and the manufacture of, Spagyric plant tinctures. Starting with an introduction into the science and art of alchemy, persons of historical note in alchemy, principles and philosophies of alchemy (Hermeticism) and how spagyric tinctures came into being through the noted alchemist Paracelsus. Finally, the last 20 minutes will discuss the actual manufacturing process so that members could take home usable information as to create their own according to traditional principles. Spagyric tinctures are listed on the ARTG as a known dosage form, yet so many herbalists know so little about what they are...this short talk is designed to reintroduce this ancient herbal manufacturing practice to the herbal profession and hopefully, reignite interest in our own herbal traditions and also explore other spagyric plant dosage forms such as spagyric elixirs and the manufacture of the Lapis vegetablis - the Plant Stone.

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