Assessment of the unwell child: a systematic approach for the CM practitioner


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Clinical presentations of unwell children are common and will become more so for CM practitioners as they integrate into mainstream healthcare. Having a competent and systematic approach to assessment of the unwell child is essential to inform clinical decision making and therefore safe and competent practice. It is well known that the majority of unwell children are suffering mild self-limiting viral infections however the warning signs for serious conditions should be thoroughly understood. This presentation will take practitioners through some uncommon and common case based examples of unwell children, from neonates to older children. Each case will illustrate important points of clinical assessment including simple clinic based tests that can guide treatment decisions. Some CM/herbal therapeutic interventions will be discussed however this is not the focus of this presentation. Instead there will be a strong focus on clinical assessment skills including history taking and physical examination of the unwell child. The key outcome for this presentation is to provide a systematic process for assessment of the unwell child and to provide clinical skills and competencies for practitioners to use in their clinics. Practitioners will take away clinical skills that will guide clinical and therapeutic decision making, including when to treat and detection of red flags that would warrant referral. The strong practical and interactive nature of this presentation will build practitioner confidence in their assessment of the unwell child which is a vital competency for all healthcare providers.

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