Clinical assessment of cardiovascular risk using Integrated Iridology


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In many ways cardiovascular disease (CVD) can be considered Australia's most costly disease. It costs more lives than any other disease and has the greatest level of health expenditure. It also imposes a burden of disease, measured in terms of disability and premature death, second only to cancer. The impact of cardiovascular disease Approx. 3.5 million Australians had a long-term cardiovascular disease in 2007/08. 34% of total deaths were attributed to CVD in Australia in 2008. CVD remains the most expensive disease group in Australia, costing about $5.9 billion in 2004-05. A number of influences increase risk factors. Cardio vascular disease is often genetic but can be acquired. Statistics prove preventive measures are effective in reducing risk factors.Integrated Iridology® offers a non invasive assessment opportunity to identify potential risk factors. Toni Miller ND DMH will demonstrate how to use a combination of signs in the iris, sclera and cornea to establish inherent factors. She will explain how soft tissue signs can indicate activation of this potential. Your temperament can increase your risk of developing heart disease. When physical bio markers or a high risk emotional temperament are seen in conjunction with signs in the eye, you have the ability to turn a person's health prognosis into a more favourable outcome. The lecture will include case histories and herbal and nutritional protocols successfully used by Toni during over thirty years of clinical experience.

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